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Why should you trust me your project?

Besides the fact that I have 10 years of experience in the business market - some of them as a manager - art and design were always present throughout my life and little by little I understood they where I should take the plunge.

It’s now been 5 years since my discovery and I am sure
my work is special since the feelings expressed by my clients when receiving a project can be described with nothing less than… Extraordinary.

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My career in the corporate world has given me the ability to view a business systemically


My virgin ascendant makes me the most organized designer you will find


It’s the same regarding punctuality. Respecting deadlines and honoring the agreement are two very important characteristics of my work


I am flexible with demands, always trying to work towards a win-win relationship


My creativity will make your project unique and you will fall in love


Each client is unique, therefore, we will put together a package that is ideal for your business

A mix of my personal and professional experiences made me the multipotential professional I am today and some of my main features and what I try to bring into my creations.



jan. 2019 - Currently

Living the delightful and painful reality of being an independent entrepreneur, free and 100% happy.

may 2016 - sep. 2017

Interior Design

Technician - SENAC/SC

Long-lasting passion and another way for me to approach art and design as well as expand my knowledge about compositions, colors and spaces.

oct. 2016



Empretec is a methodology of the United Nations (UN) that aims at developing characteristics of entrepreneurial behavior and identifying new business opportunities. It is currently active in about forty countries. There are sixty hours of training in six days of immersion in which the participant is challenged in practical scientifically based activities that point out how a successful entrepreneur acts

nov. 2017 - Currently

Life in Italy

The desire to explore the world and not lead a life within the ordinary made me end up in Rome. In Milan, I had the incredible opportunity to work in my area (design and administration) in a company with twenty-five years of history. There, between January and December 2018, I was able to develop my Italian and understand how the Italian job market works. Today, I find myself completely in love with life in Rome and for being overwhelmed with the desire to create more and more.

jan. 2013 - sep. 2017

Corporate Life - Brazil

Over the course of four years, I had the privilege of becoming the Administrative Sector Manager having starting out as an assistant in a factory with more than one hundred employees. I’ve developed multiple strategies to increase employee engagement and satisfaction, create initiatives to reduce material consumption and improve plant performance. I also lead the company's expansion process between 2016 and 2017, which culminated in the adoption of the new visual identity and the transfer of the company to a new manufacturing park. Those actions were aimed at the sale of the company which eventually happened at the end of 2017.

jan. 2016 - mar. 2016

Czech Republic

In order to practice my English skills, I went to live a volunteering experience organized by AIESEC, in which I taught English classes to children and teens about the History, culture and curiosities of Brazil. One of the challenges was also to live the local culture, a little different from ours, and so I lived with six families in different cities during that period, which made me develop a great adaptive capacity and interpersonal relationship skills.

sep. 2014 - mar. 2015

Graphic Design 

Technician - Imagine School

The need to be able to create my own graphic designs in the company I managed made me seek the course, thus falling in love with graphic design programs and start my journey in the field.

aug. 2008 - feb. 2014

Business Administration

Bachelor's Degree - UFSC

My opening doors to the business world. It was undoubtedly a wise choice, which made me aware of my multipotentiality and start seeing and living life in a systemic way.

jan. 2012 - dec. 2012


My goal was to learn French, but the experience was a complete life transformation. I became a Family Assistant for a French Madame and, with her, I lived unforgettable experiences.

aug. 2008 - jun. 2010

Visual Arts

Unfinished Degree - UDESC

It was one of the most transformative moments of my life when I took the exam I didn't know what I was getting myself into. However, surely, these two years put me in uncomfortable situations that made me deconstruct and question many existing patterns within me and society as a whole.

feb. 1989 - Present day

Planet Earth

I was born on an island in the South of Brazil, the youngest and only girl with two older brothers. Living in a traditional family of German origin, I studied at Catholic school until I was fourteen, being almost always the class leader and the teacher’s pupil. After I started at the “high society” high school in the city - because they had the best pre-entrance exams for college - feeling like a fish out of water. Brand clothing, straightened hair and shallow conversations was never my thing. I never fit the stipulated standards, always questioning why I had to follow some rules and made a point of often being “the one against the grain". I like authenticity. If everyone is doing the same thing, it's not fun for me anymore. The different Aquarian girl, of course.

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