Why should you trust me your project?

Besides the fact that I have 10 years of experience in the business market - some of them as a manager - art and design were always present throughout my life and little by little I understood they where I should take the plunge.

It’s now been 5 years since my discovery and I am sure my work is special since the feelings expressed by my clients when receiving a project can be described with nothing less than… Extraordinary.

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My career in the corporate world has given me the ability to view a business systemically


My virgin ascendant makes me the most organized designer you will find


It’s the same regarding punctuality. Respecting deadlines and honoring the agreement are two very important characteristics of my work


I am flexible with demands, always trying to work towards a win-win relationship


My creativity will make your project unique and you will fall in love


Each client is unique, therefore, we will put together a package that is ideal for your business

A mix of my personal and professional experiences made me the multipotential professional I am today and some of my main features and what I try to bring into my creations.

Let's create a memorable Brand Identity project?


Send me an email to hello@bialthoff.com

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I am a creative Brazilian designer based in Rome, Italy, offering a brand identity and web design for passionate entrepreneurs and smart businesses.

​I follow projects all over the world, so if you have any questions and want to talk about your brand identity project or website, write to me and I will be more than happy to answer. I'm sure we can work together.

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