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Brand Identity | Materials


Brinkidiss is not just about selling toys and gifts, it is a shopping space where people can go to experience comfort, convenience and make their day to day life easier, plus the possibility of home delivery that met the customer’s needs. The client emphasized that they would like to be remembered for comfortable space, better pricing, peace of mind while shopping, beautiful packaging and easy and direct communication with the customers. The personality of the brand could not be different: friendly, modern and light.


The intention was to work on the name BRINKIDISS in order to make it the center of attention of the brand identity. Each letter is formed by little pieces that allude to classic children's motor coordination toys. With the same little pieces, an exclusive pattern is formed.

The chosen colors are cheerful and playful, which is directly linked to the target audience and objectives of the brand. Orange, pink, blue and green in strong tones form a relaxed and modern combination.

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