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Não importa onde você esteja em sua jornada empreendedora, sua marca deve ser uma representação de quem você é como empresa e isso te dará força para crescer com propósito.

 Como funciona 

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Eu sei que é grande o desejo de ver tudo prontinho, tudo se concretizando. Mas, como tudo na vida, é preciso tempo. E dentro desse tempo, muito estudo e estratégia!

O processo de criação de identidade é profundo e único para cada cliente.

Sei bem o momento de usar linha de produção para produzir coisas e esse, definitivamente, não é um deles.

Primeiro, fazemos todo o alinhamento do que você precisa. Depois, temos uma condução de pesquisa e estratégia. Só então começamos a fase de desenhar sua identidade.



Muita conversa e muita pesquisa: é preciso captar e essência da sua empresa, seus objetivos comerciais e os desejos e necessidades de seu público. Antes de qualquer coisa, vamos compreender onde estamos e onde queremos chegar.


Desenhando a Identidade

Uma solução criativa que expresse a personalidade da marca, de forma clara e seja um importante ativo comercial relevante para a empresa.


Clarificando a Estratégia

Depois da descoberta, saberemos suas metas, o que ela representa, seu público ideal, seu DNA. Estaremos na mesma página e seguiremos para a parte visual se baseando sempre em decisões estratégicas.


Entrega e Gestão

Após aprovação, a identidade visual está pronta para ser implementada em todos os materiais de comunicação da marca.


 Identidade com Estratégia 

As definições conceituais nas bases mais profundas da empresa formam a sua estratégia. O que faz sua empresa única? Qual a sua personalidade? Que problema ela resolve? Em que ela acredita?​​

Essas respostas conduzem as ações e o comportamento da marca, que é a cápsula de características e significados de um negócio.  Identidade Visual, portanto, é um conjunto de elementos visuais cujo objetivo é representar, de forma sistematizada, a expressão visual de uma marca.

Dependendo do momento da sua empresas, essas são algumas das entregas que poderei fazer no processo:

  • Análise de Público

  • Análise de Concorrência

  • DNA da Marca

  • Declaração de Propósito

  • Valores ou Bandeiras

  • Diferencial Competitivo

  • Arquétipo e Atributos

  • Tom de voz da Marca

  • Buyer Persona

  • Logo e variações

  • Universo Visual em Cores, Tipografia, Elementos Gráficos 

  • Aplicações

Dúvidas Frequentes

  • What is Brand Design?
    I call Brand Design the process of creating a Visual Identity based on Strategy. Translating a company's identity perfectly into visual resources may seem almost impossible to some, but that's what I've been doing for over 5 years. To do this, you need to take the plunge, the Discovery phase where I understand your objectives as a company and the needs of your audience. Then comes the phase of Clarifying the Strategy, with the definition of the brand's DNA. Then we'll be ready to Design the Identity in order to present the personality of that brand. Brand Design is the visual representation of a company's identity, i.e. the embodiment of its brand positioning, personality and style. From the fonts you use to the colours of your advertisements, all design elements must align with and accentuate the company's mission.
  • I think I just need a logo...
    You may think that "just a logo" will be enough for you, but the logo is only a small part of your brand identity. To have a strong, cohesive brand for years to come, your company needs supporting resources such as fonts, colour palette, graphics and basic support materials to optimise communication between you and your ideal customer. We believe that if your business is really about connecting with your audience, understanding what they're looking for and offering outstanding solutions, then defining your positioning and core values from a strategic angle can open your eyes to opportunities you weren't previously considering. We are committed to providing a personalised brand that is consistent and practical to implement, so that your company attracts and connects with the right people.
  • If I already have the logo ready, do you just make the materials?
    My goal is to ensure that your communication is balanced and consistent at all points of contact with your audience, which is why I prioritise working with clients who are open to updating their current logos, if necessary, to ensure that their identity is aligned with their company's goals and therefore connects with the desired audience. This process can be called Rebranding. Talk to me to find out more.
  • What if I need other items created for my company?
    All our branding projects include the basic deliverables (business card, letterhead, brand guide), as we believe these are the basic elements you'll need to start and manage your new brand successfully. Every company is different in terms of how it operates and interacts with the public, so your company may need specific additional items. Let's talk about what these might be in your case.
  • I really didn't realise that creating a logo for my company could be so complex.
    Nowadays, a logo alone no longer has any strength in the market. You need more than that: coherent communication with the same visual guidelines in terms of colours, images, typography... This complete system is what we call a visual identity and it must be created especially for each business, taking into account its objectives, audience and market.
  • How many brand options will I receive?
    You will receive ONE project containing all the defence and argumentation necessary to understand the universe and real potential of your brand. You won't receive just one design - or several different options to choose from. This way, we don't run the risk of defining the project based solely on the aesthetics of the design. Remember that you're not hiring me to create a design, but to understand your brand's proposal and history, creating a humanised connectivity and thus helping your business grow.
  • How soon will I receive the final project and materials?
    At the end of our agreement, I set and present the project dates. Some parts of my work depend on receiving responses or materials from you, so variations may occur. Take a look at the work options again as the deadlines are better explained.
  • Will I receive the printed materials?
    No. I only deliver finished projects to be sent to the printer of your choice. I only work with the creation and delivery of digital files, which can then be printed.
  • Will I be able to create other items on my own?
    You'll be given the tools to work on your own (in Canva, for example) and create future items with the brand assets we create for you. But remember that, as liberating as this sounds, it can lead to a reduction in your brand recognition if not done in the right way. If that's how you prefer to handle things, we want you to have the freedom to create your own design materials. But we also believe that in order to be "brand independent" and maintain the coherence of your brand, you must have a solid foundation and an understanding of how to maintain the consistency of your look in the long term. We'll talk more about this in the next question.
  • How can I be consistent with my brand?
    Creating a strong brand has a lot to do with consistency in its visuals. People recognise your company by the logo, but also by the colours, the font system, the tone of voice and the style of the images, for example. It's easy to get lost in an ocean of possibilities (think of all those free Canva templates!) and lose track of the basis and strategy behind your visuals. It's therefore essential to try your best to follow the rules according to the Brand Guide we've created for you, in order to keep your brand recognisable among your audience.
  • What do I need to start designing my brand?
    To get started, we need your company to be established, with a business name and defined offers. It is also desirable that you are willing to open up and share your story, goals and processes with us before we begin. If you don't have a name yet, we can carry out a Name Creation process, called Naming.
  • Do you also create the brand name?
    Yes. Naming is the name given to the process of creating a name for a new company, service or product. You may be hiring me for Naming + Visual Identity. And then I delve into the company's strategic foundations - what makes it unique? What is its personality? What problem does it solve? What does it believe in? - will be done here, before defining a name. We need this in order to create a unique name that can be registered with the INPI and guarantee the protection of your brand. Once chosen, we move on to creating the visual identity.
  • What is naming?
    Naming is the process of creating names for companies, products, services or brands. This name must reflect the essence of the brand, be memorable, easy to pronounce and register, and be available for use.
  • Why is my company name so important?
    The company name is the first impression customers will have of your brand. A well-chosen name can convey the company's values and personality, as well as differentiating it from the competition. A strong name can contribute to the brand's success and recognition in the market.
  • How does the naming process work?
    The naming process usually involves several stages, starting with the Strategic part: analysing the public, competition, defining DNA, purpose, competitive differential, brand personality, etc... We move on to defining inspiring concepts, generating ideas, prior evaluation, feasibility with INPI (specialised partner firm), presenting the best names, choosing the name. I work closely with you to ensure that the final name meets your needs and objectives.
  • How long does it take to create a name for my company?
    The time needed to create a name can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the specific needs of the client. In general, the process can take around 4 weeks, taking into account all the stages from the initial research to the final choice of name.
  • What makes a company name effective?
    An effective company name must be unique, easy to remember and pronounce, relevant to your target audience and convey the essence of the brand. It must also be verifiable for domain registration and trademarks.
  • Do you check the availability of the suggested name?
    Yes, we check the availability of the name on several fronts, including internet domain registrations, Instagram and INPI with a legal firm specialising in trademark registration.
  • Can I hire Naming + Visual Identity?
    In fact, it's the perfect marriage. Doing a brand immersion process, creating everything from the name to the formal applications of the brand is ideal when you don't yet have a defined name for your business. This ensures that all the company's more subtle messages are properly used as strategic bases for your presentations.
  • Which platform do you use for create the website?
    I use the Wix platform to build websites, as it is one of the most intuitive platforms for clients to make subsequent changes themselves, if they don't need a professional to do so. To keep the site up and running, the client must subscribe to a monthly, annual or bi-annual plan. The prices can be seen at We can do the process together, don't worry. For the site to look professional, you also need to buy a domain name for your business if you haven't already done so (e.g. I recommend buying it from or Likewise, we'll do the whole process together.
  • Will I have to pay a monthly fee to maintain the site?
    I don't offer a monthly maintenance service to keep your site up to date. I like to leave clients completely free, no strings attached. I teach on the website platform so that you can try to follow along on your own. If something doesn't look or work as expected, you can always get in touch to discuss your case. If any major changes are needed, I can be contacted and will provide a specific quote.
  • Why is good website design important?
    Let's put it this way: there's a good chance that your potential customers will get their first impression of your company by visiting your website, forming an opinion in just a few seconds. This means that it's extremely important to have an up-to-date website that looks attractive, is easy to use and responsive, and that loads quickly. An old-fashioned or outdated website can cause a bad first impression of your entire company, possibly causing potential customers to leave and end up visiting your competitor's website. Investing in a well-designed and professional website may seem daunting for small business owners, but the fact is that human beings are visual creatures and care about design (consciously or not). Studies show that users judge your company based on its visual features and often abandon your site if it lacks design or doesn't offer a user-friendly experience.
  • How does the process for hiring the service work?
    First you need to contact me and explain your expectations. I'll analyse whether it's possible to meet them. If so, I'll send you the dates available. After defining what will be done, we'll formalise an agreement with terms and deadlines to ensure both parties are satisfied. You can sign it and send it to me or simply reply to the e-mail confirming it. 50% of the total value of the project must be paid in advance. This payment serves as a deposit to reserve the date stipulated in the contract.
  • What do I need to start designing my website?
    Once we've defined the web pages your site will have, your job is to provide me with the text content for each page. You can write it yourself or enlist the help of a professional copywriter. Once I have the content, I can plan and make the necessary adjustments to insert specific keywords that you may have forgotten. Then the design process begins! Before we start, I'll also need images, logo files and anything else you have available for me to use on your new site. Professional photography or a personal photo shoot make great resources for a website, but don't worry if you're just starting out or don't have good photography yet. I can use free stock images for an impactful website that gets your message across.
  • How soon will I have my website published?
    Normally around 3 weeks after closing the agreement and receiving the materials (texts, photos...) When we close our agreement, I establish and present the project dates. Some parts of my work depend on receiving responses or materials from you, so variations may occur.
  • What exactly do you work with?
    Naming, Branding (strategy + brand identity) and Website. Find out more about each of them on the Services page.
  • Which sectors do you work in?
    We don't limit our clients to a specific sector, but we usually work with small businesses and freelancers. My portfolio includes dozens of jobs that I've been able to experience in different sectors: fashion, health and beauty salon services, accountancy, finance, law, plastics, chemicals, window frames and much more. Take a look at the latest work to get a better idea.
  • As a client, what will my involvement in the process be?
    I can tell you that the projects with the best results are those in which clients are willing to get involved. This doesn't mean that you will select the colour palette and design the logos, but it is essential to see business owners involved in the process of identifying the core values of their business and understanding their audience. Nobody better than you to share valuable insights about your company! As we can only receive a limited number of projects at any one time, we expect clients to provide feedback in good time and follow a schedule so that we can launch on time.
  • How does the process for hiring the service work?
    First you need to contact me and explain a little about your business. I'll analyse whether I can help you. If so, I'll send you a proposal with general prices and deadlines. After defining what will be done, we'll formalise an agreement with terms and deadlines to assure both parties. You can sign it and send it to me or simply reply to the e-mail confirming it. 50% of the total value of the project must be paid in advance. This payment serves as a deposit to reserve the date stipulated in the contract.
  • How much does it cost to hire?
    Costs vary according to each project. That's why it's important that I first understand your specific needs and then draw up a specific proposal for you. We can work out a payment plan for you, depending on the full scope of the project. Most projects follow a 50/50 split (50% upfront, 50% upon completion).
  • How do I pay?
    Payment can be made via PIX or Wise. 50% in advance and the rest on delivery of the files. Credit card instalments should be consulted.O pagamento pode ser feito via PIX ou Wise. 50% antecipado e o restante na entrega dos arquivos. Parcelamentos no cartão de crédito devem ser consultados.
  • When can we start work?
    Our availability depends on the flow of business. We only take on selected projects each year to guarantee quality work and customer satisfaction. Please contact us to check our current availability.
  • How long will my project take?
    Delivery times depend on the package you have chosen and depend on the customer's responsiveness. Naming: 4 weeks. Brand Design: 4 weeks (if the naming has been done for the project, this timeframe decreases to 2-3 weeks. Website: 3 weeks.
  • What do we need to get started?
    To work with us, you need to be passionate about the business you are creating and also enjoy quality design. In addition, it is important that you set aside some time and mental space to participate in the process, as we believe that the best results are obtained when the client is receptive and participative in the project.
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