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I create brand identity for people and companies who truly want to feel passionate and represented by it every day.


A brand is a capsule of characteristics and meanings of a business.

 It is my job to transmit all this in the best way to the specific audience so that recognition is instantaneous. Everything you want to achieve starts from the creation of the brand, which is not simply a name or a symbol, but a set of elements that are defined after a process of analysis and conceptualization.

SG_Apresentação Identidade Visual36.jpg
Vissá_Apresentação Identidade Visual47.jpg
Contábil DS38.jpg

Every detail is an opportunity to establish your brand identity. Everything should be in tune...

social media


business presentation

interior design

and all your contact channels

If you don’t have a brand identity, it’s time to get one… It’s your company after all, right? Your dream, your story... Tell it the right way!


Hi, I'm Bia :)

I am a Graphic Designer and Manager and I help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life through design.

A mix of my personal and professional experiences has made me the multipotential professional I am today.
Organizational capacity, creativity, proactivity and the desire to leave the commonplace are some of my main features and what I try to bring into my creations.
I like challenges and doing new things, but I also like simple and minimalistic.

It will be my pleasure to work with you!

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